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When I first got into oils, I just wanted to sit down with “someone” and talk, freely ask questions, and be super candid about my skepticism. (Yes, I was super skeptical.)

Through online and in-person classes, I’m excited to be that “someone,” whether you are experienced in loving your family through oils or are just starting out with a lot of questions.



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Going into summer, this online class will help you keep your family healthy amid camping tips and summer traveling.

This free class will consist of posts throughout the day, with most of the time devoted to Q&A.

You don’t need to be online right at 10a. That’s just when I’ll be sitting down with my coffee in hand.  The content will stay online for several days, and I’ll be available to answer specific questions regarding your family’s needs through the day.


Powdersville, SC – July 11

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My oil journey began when our son was born. I wanted to change how our family viewed health care – preventative and treatment. I was searching to see if there was something “better” than what we were doing, but I had no idea where to start.

This class is the starting line. Actually, it may not even be that for. We’re going to talk about the starting line. Where do you began? The HOW as well as the WHY.

Excited to answer your questions, put some samples in your hand, and hear your story during this fun class.


Powdersville, SC – July 15 @ 7:30p

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I started using essential oils, becuase of our son. I knew WHY I wanted to us oils with him – fewer colds, better sleeping, etc. But the HOW overwhelmed me.

During this one hour class, we’ll talk about the HOW to safely use oils with your kids. Come ready with questions about your family’s specific needs as we dive into family heatlh and wellness.


Powdersville, SC – July 25 @ 7:30p

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In addition to using oils for our family, I wanted to use oils for me. Balancing family, our home, and a home-based busienss, I don’t have time to be tired, short on energy, or battling cramps.

This hour-long class is a great resource to learn how to manage all of our needs while meeting the needs of our family.


Powdersville, SC – August 6 @ 2p

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The avergae childs is sick 10-12 times a year. In our home, we don’t have time for sickness! As your kids return to school, this class will teach you how to keep your family health and thriving during the school year.

Not only will we cover how to ward off sickness, but also how to help your kids use oils to study for tests, enjoy soccer practice more, and commit those piano pieces to memory.