I’ve been married to my best friend for almost three years now, and our son is less than a year. Passionate about wife-ing and mom-ing, I feel like I’m always asking the question, “Is there a better way to do this?”

The ultimate “better” came when I first heard the Gospel. Jesus. Died and rose again. Loving Father. Ultimate Provider. Comforter. Talk about a “better” way than the life I was living in sin.

Not that coffee is in the same boat as Christ, by any means, but what a “better” way to do mornings. Almond milk. A little sweetener. Pour over. We are so rocking the morning routine.

And then we had our son, and suddenly getting a cold became a big deal. Sleepless nights were something I couldn’t afford. And to watch him struggling and not be able to help, well, that didn’t sit well with this Mama. Oils was something that I fought for years, but truly was the “better” that I was looking for.

Welcome to Little Bear Oils. I love learning how to better serve our family, staying health so we can continue enjoying this life we lead in the beautiful South Carolina upstate. Excited to share our journey with you.