Frankincense 101

Right there with Lavender, if you have an ailment and the only thing you have is Frankincense, put it on! You’ll thank me later. It’s been known to work wonders on burns, scars, thyroid issues, migraines. It’s one of the most expensive oil, but certainly one of the most valuable.

Some of the most common uses for Frankincense…

  • Wrinkles. Mix with Coconut Oil and apply to face.
  • Sore Throat. Rub on neck and throat.
  • Relaxation. Mix with coconut oil and put on the bottoms of your feet.
  • Warts. Apply twice a day.
  • Immunity. Ingest daily for an extra boost.
  • Depression and Anxiety. Diffuse for mood relief.
  • Migraines. Apply to temples and back of neck.
  • There is even some evidence that it can help reduce seizures when applied daily to temple, forehead, and brain vita flex points.

Shameless plug – because it’s so expensive, it’s awesome that it’s included in the Home Essentials Kit. I never would have purchased this oil, even with the wholesale discount Doterra offers customers. But it’s mine, and I’m learning to love it’s versatile properties.

If you decide to purchase oils today through the links below, I sure would appreciate it if you plug in 4641685 as the “Referrer ID” at checkout. Little Bear Oils is one way that God provides for our family, and I so appreciate your support. Thanks!

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