Lavender Lemon Water

NOTE: Before you go crazy adding oils to food – though not a bad idea – check out some tips first on cooking with oils here.

It’s so hard to call this a recipe, but here it is. One of my goals in cooking is to eventually ditch the cooking books. Don’t get me wrong, I love them! But the real fun comes when I can take what I know about A recipe and combine it with what I learned from B recipe and create something entirely new. Gone are the boundaries and the possibilities are limitless. Also, random bonus, when cooking on a budget *raises hand* it makes combining random ingredients so much easier, because sometimes Google can’t even help me when I search for, “Recipe involving cucumbers, chicken sausage, and strawberries.”

Here it is! If you’re somewhere where we are just getting into the 100 degree days, like the beautiful but hot South Carolina upstate, I hope this recipe brings many refreshing moments out on the back porch.


1 lemon, sliced

2 drops Lemon essential oil

1 drop Lavender essential oil

1 glass pitcher (roughly 2 quarts) of ice water – click here for my favorite kind

1 Tbsp culinary dried lavender buds (optional)


Throw all ingredients into your pitcher and stir lightly. Enjoy!

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Oils mentioned in this post: Lavender and Lemon.


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